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For LADs Tea Party Applicants:
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your interest in  the Southern California Tea Society.

We ask Ladies who wish to attend and are not already a part of the Society, to kindly fill out an application to attend and state that you are not applying for a service position.


As our tea events are held in private homes to be considered for service one must be well known and trusted by the Hostess, her guests and the other servers. Due to the nature of these events, one can understand the concerns all involved have regarding confidentiality and safety.

To insure everyone’s comfort regarding these issues we require that all servers attend a sufficient number of LADs munches in order for the Ladies to get to know them and decide who they feel comfortable inviting to serve in their homes. While there is no magic number of munches require to achieve this level of comfort, the more well known you become to the Ladies, the better your chances would be to be chosen to train and serve at a tea.


The munch information and application may be found here:

Click for the Munch Application

If your intent is to be chosen as Tea server for the Southern California Tea Society, you are required to do the following {AFTER applying for and attending sufficient munches so that you feel confident of being considered for training and service}:

  1. Thoroughly study this page and the links associated with it.
  2. Acknowledge that serving at a Southern California Tea Society Tea  is not to be taken lightly.  It is an honor and a privilege.
  3. You must be dependable, trustworthy, competent and responsible.
  4. You will apply for an interview on the application attached to this page.
  5. If you pass the interview, you will be required to study the art of Tea service, our way, to be awarded the opportunity to serve.
  6. After you have served you will be awarded a certificate that states that you have successfully trained and served at a Tea Party.

What a SCTS Tea Server Is:

Our Tea servers derive pleasure and satisfaction from the quality of their service.  A Southern California Tea Society Tea server is able to diligently clean and prepare the host home, as well as artfully prepare the finger foods and tea.   They are able to focus solely on the desires and pleasures of the Ladies.  Our Tea Servers are humble and understand that it is not about their personal attention and fantasies (unless their fantasy is seeing the Ladies relaxed and joyful).  They understand that the Ladies will determine what pleases them (considering only the server’s accepted limits).  A Tea server is Gandhiesque in his or her motivation and service.  To see what we are referring to at the bottom of the What is a LADs submissive? page.  They understand that what they hear at a Tea stays at that Tea and they will not betray that confidence.

Our Tea Parties are NOT play, or Chippendale type parties.  It “may” be that a server will be used to demonstrate a toy or a technique that may be discussed, but the function of the tea servers is to serve the Ladies, unobtrusively.  A server who attempts to draws attention to him or herself, is thoughtless, or otherwise disrespectful will be dismissed.  This is about the Ladies and their freedom to comfortably enjoy the day together and not about the server.

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