Who We Are

LADs (Los Angeles Dommes and subs) was started in April of 2001 to be a safe and open place for adult lifestyle (real life) Female Dominants and the submissives (of all gender identities) who adore them to meet, network and plan Domme/sub events. At that time there was no place dedicated exclusively to this segment of the Lifestyle community.

We are NOT a sex club, although we do have people with various preferences and choices. No one is judged or criticized for expression of their creative proclivities and sexual orientation. Qualified switches are welcome, if the males come in sub mode. Explorers and searchers for growth and information are welcome. LADs was founded with the purpose of belonging to its Members and its participants. It is based on the best of the Old Guard traditions with the flexibility of the inclusion of New Guard flavor. We are focused on honesty, respect and communication.

What is a LADs Lady?

A LADs Lady is honorable, independent, caring, responsible, reasonable, appreciative, supportive, communicates well, dignified and exercises common sense. More…

What is a LADs submissive?

A LADs submissive is honest, ethical, regards service as a joyful thing (*see Gandhi quotes below). They have strong morals, are kind, caring, obedient, deferential, thoughtful, honest, loyal, respectful, respectable, pure of heart and adore as More…

Our Standards

Our standards are safe, sane, consensual, honesty, respect, trust, honor and integrity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an environment where Dommes and their subs meet, network, learn and grow with freedom from prejudice, where we can create a mutually supportive atmosphere conducive to the promotion of Female Authority, and appreciation of the submissives who adore them.

Governing Documents

Our Governing Documents are publicly available. Take a look at our BY-LAWS and PROCEDURE MANUAL.