LADs Fetlife

What is the LADs Fetlife?

The LADs Fetlife Group is an educational and social forum to exchange opinions and seek answers from others who have a common interest in Domination and submission. It helps others to understand Empowered Ladies and their expectations.  If you look in the archives, you can find many interesting topics discussed.

What can you expect?

The LADs Fetlife Group is an open forum for discussion of issues related to the Domme/sub lifestyle. Questions and opinions are welcome. We discuss with respect and an open mind, sans negativity. We celebrate our differences, agreeing to disagree, as we are all unique individuals. You will see respect and concern for one another in this Fetlife Group, as well as, intelligent and courteous social intercourse (or discussion, if you prefer).  However, if one violates our protocols (rules), or doesn’t bother to read them, Moderators will deal with them as they see fit.  We have had the honor of many notable community leaders and published authors stopping in to share their thoughts.  We do not permit spamming, soliciting and flaming. LADs is not a group for minors and abusers.  LADs is not a sex or swingers group. All Female Dommes and subs are welcome.
Being a member of the our Fetlife Group, does not make you a member of the real life group. Anyone who adores Empowered Ladies and submissives (male and female) can participate.


Introducing Yourself

Be courteous and polite. State the name you go by and your level of experience. Tell us what area you live in. You can say what you seek and what you bring to the table, with tasteful and honest representation.  Just keep in mind that we have at least 3 people moderating the e-Group. All new members are on Moderate, until they are known to respect the rules/protocol of the group.  Please note that any post that you make here may be seen by over hundreds of  people, so please don’t use your phone number and/or address.

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