2018 marks LADs 17th Anniversary and many exciting changes are taking place!  LADs is the longest established organization for Female Dominants and the subs (female and male) who adore them in Southern California.  We take that responsibility very seriously.  LADs is always growing and evolving.  It is a warm, welcoming and supportive drama free environment for the support of Female Empowerment and the appreciation of those are devoted to inspiring and serving it.

Welcome to our website, which was created with the generous support of our sage web host vbob.net.    Our web site continues to expand and improve as a valuable resource to those in the D/s and M/s lifestyle.  When a Member offered to share his home for a movie day once a month Cinémathèque de Femdom was born.  We are continually growing, evolving and serving our Members’ visions and needs.  In addition to our Munches, Cinémathèque de Femdom, we are having more  Tea Parties, and Parties on a more regular basis.

LADs is becoming affiliated with even more incredible organizations on a national level.  With these affiliations comes the  responsibility of ensuring that all card carrying members of LADs are active and committed to the current By-Laws and Procedures.

The LADs Executive Board has updated our By-Laws and Procedures to make membership more attainable to legal adults who identify with our specific orientation, standards and mission (found on our Home page).  LADs continues our commitment to serving our larger community and it will remain a requirement for membership.  We still do not charge membership dues.  You pay your dues through your community service and commitment to LADs.  Membership to LADs is  now annually renewable.

LADs Leaders are recruited from the LADs Membership to keep the energy vibrant and to fulfill our Mission.  Their wisdom and dedication to community service, as well as our Mission and Standards will help LADs to continue to thrive.  Our Leaders do not have the luxury of complacency.  They are always striving to nurture and grow LADs and to serve it’s Members.  In an effort to continue to keep LADs on the cutting edge and to follow her calling, our Founder (currently christened “Mamma Bear”) is retiring her authority for LADs to the capable hands of Miss Cat.  She is taking on all of the decisions, duties and responsibilities of the group.  It is now time for the bird to leave the nest and fly further and higher.  Leadership is not a popularity contest.  Those who are most active and contributing substantial time and energy to LADs are eligible to become a Leaders.  Mama Bear, Anthony and Jeannie will continue to participate peripherally and/or  as needed, but are deferring all decisions to Miss Cat.  You can contact her via the Contact Us link found on every page herein.

We are constantly evolving and growing.   If you are new to the community and think LADs might be an organization you would like to look into, please join us at one of our Munches.