LADs By-Laws


1         Executive Summary

1.1         Organization Name

The name of the organization shall be known as “Los Angeles Dommes and subs”, also known as “LADs” or herein as the “Organization” or “Group”.

1.2        Organizational History

LADs is a lifestyle (real life, not cyber) group. The origin of LADs began in Los Angeles, Ca. (and surrounding areas) April 2001.

1.3        LADs Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an environment where Dommes and subs meet, network and grow with freedom from prejudice; where people of like minds can create an atmosphere conducive to the celebration of the Female Dominant Lifestyle, and appreciation of the submissive (or slaves) who adore them.  Our standards require safe, sane and consensual interactions between Dommes and subs, based on respect, honesty and integrity.

2        LADs Organization

2.1       LADs Leaders

1.     Instead of elected officers, members in good standing desiring to serve the organization shall be appointed to various positions of responsibility by the Executive Board.

2.     These Leaders shall be chosen based on their ability.

2.2       LADs Leadership Positions

The Executive Board shall determine necessary or desirable Leadership positions and staff them as needed.

See “Leadership Positions” in the LADs Procedures Manual.

2.3       LADs Executive Board Members

The Executive Board shall consist of the Offices of President, Treasurer and Secretary as well as any other positions the Executive Board deems necessary for inclusion.

Executive Board Members shall be residents of the State of California.

Executive Board Members shall be members in good standing.

Executive Board Members shall be chosen by the existing Board Members via unanimous vote.

Candidates for membership on the Executive Board shall be considered based on their abilities, adherence to the tenants of LADs, dedication to the Femdom Lifestyle and support of the Community in general.

Refer to “LADs Leaders” in the LADs Procedure Manual.

3        Membership

3.1       Privileges of Members
3.1.1        LADs Members shall be entitled to:
  • Advance to Leadership positions as vacancies or organizational need arise
  • Participate on Committees
  • Receive official LADs publications
  • The right to petition the Executive Board for action
  • Such other privileges and/or benefits as may be determined by the Executive Board
3.2       Eligibility for Membership

Membership shall be open to dominant, submissive and ‘switch’ genetic and male to female inter-sexed females as well as submissive genetic or inter-sexed males, 18 years of age and older. Membership in Los Angeles Dommes and subs shall not be denied on the grounds of race, ethnicity, religious belief, or sexual orientation.

Memberships will be valid for a period of one-year beginning with the January munch and will automatically terminate if not renewed.

Members in good standing shall receive a new annual membership card at the first munch of the year if they have fulfilled all membership requirements, are not under sanction by the Executive Board or have had their membership revoked. They shall have priority status and be eligible to attend all Group functions which are open to the general membership including munches, seminars, demos, workshops, parties, special meetings and other functions and activities sponsored or hosted by the group.

3.2.1      Qualification of Members

Refer to “Qualification of Members” and  “Membership Renewals” in the LADs Procedure Manual.

3.2.2      Admission to Membership

Membership will be approved by a consensus of the Executive Board.

3.2.3      Membership Dues

Refer to “Membership Dues” in the LADs Procedure Manual.

3.2.4      Number of Members

There is no limit on the number of LADs Members, or E-Group Members.

3.2.5      Certificates of membership

The organization shall not issue Membership certificates, however, the organization reserves the right to issue Membership cards or similar devices to Members which serve to identify Members qualifying to use the facilities or services of the organization, or LADs affiliates.

3.2.6      Transferability of membership

Neither membership in the Organization or any rights of membership may be transferred for value or otherwise.

3.3       Membership Renewals

Refer to “Membership Renewals” in the LADs Procedure Manual.

3.4       Expected Demeanor of LADs Leaders & General Members
  1. Any conduct by a LADs Leader, Member, or those wishing to become Members in any public event where that conduct could reflect adversely on LADs, its basic beliefs, or it’s members, is a matter for the Executive Board to address on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Such conduct, once reported by anyone to a LADs Leader, must be presented to the Executive Board wherein it will be discussed and appropriate action taken. Actions include the following:
  • Dismissal of complaint, no further action
  • Meeting with the person to discuss the offending action, and how it reflects badly on LADs
  • If repeated, the person could be given an “On Notice” that such actions must terminate or his/her LADs membership will be in jeopardy.
  • Third offense, termination of Membership (If membership is revoked a Board member will notify the individual explaining the reason for the decision.)
  • Immediate termination of Leadership position and/or Membership.
3.5       Protection of Member information

Protection of members and their guests’ personal information shall be of utmost importance. Therefore:

  • While all members and their guests are required by law as citizens to have legal identification in possession, viewing of such ID shall only be requested at events where verifying age is necessary. This information shall not be recorded. However it will be noted that member #_____ brought guests using the community names _______ and ________. All members assume full responsibility for the actions of their guests.
  • Any member or guest of a member, who refuses to allow viewing of ID to verify age by an identified LADs official at an event, shall be refused admittance to that event.
  • Only a member’s community name and E-mail address, or that of their guests, shall be kept on file in the form of the confidentiality agreement, membership applications and liability releases,
  • Any member revealing another member’s legal name, address, place of employment or any other personal information in conjunction with that member’s community name, E-mail address or other information that can or does lead to that member’s loss of confidentiality without that member’s express permission, will have their membership immediately revoked. This shall also apply to the identity or personal information of a guest of another member.
  • Exceptions shall be in the course of legal action, court order or in the interest of public or personal safety.

4        Termination of Membership

4.1       For Cause
  • (a) The Membership and all rights of membership shall automatically be terminated if any of the following occur:

o      The voluntary resignation of a member

o      Where a membership is issued for a period of time, the expiration of such period of time;

o      The death of the member;

o      The dissolution of the Organization

o      A failure to abide by the Organization’s Bylaws & Procedures

4.2       Membership Denial

Refer to “Qualification of Members” in the Procedures Manual.

4.3       Appeals

Any member who receives a notice of termination may appeal to the Executive Board. The Executive Board will address the appeal on a case-by-case basis.

4.3.1      Effect of Termination

All rights of a Member in the Organization and in its property shall cease on the termination of such Member’s Membership. Termination shall not relieve the Member from any obligation for charges incurred, services or benefits rendered, or arising from contract or otherwise. The Organization shall retain the right to enforce any such obligation or obtain damages for its breach.

5        Removal of Leaders

Refer to “Removal of LADs Leaders” in the LADs Procedure Manual

5.1       Filling Leadership Vacancies

Refer to “LADs Leaders” in the LADs Procedure Manual

6        Membership Voting

Refer to “Membership Voting” in the LADs Procedure Manual

7        Meetings of Members

Refer to “Membership Meetings” in the LADs Procedure Manual

8        Membership Conduct of Meetings

Refer to “General Membership Meeting Conduct” in the LADs Procedure Manual

9        Executive Board Meeting Conduct

Refer to “Executive Board Meeting Conduct” in the LADs Procedure Manual

10    Records Protection

Refer to “Protection of LADs Records” in the LADs Procedure Manual

11    Asset Protection

Refer to “Protection of LADs Assets” in the LADs Procedure Manual

12    Lads Committees

Refer to “LADs Committees” in the LADs Procedure Manual

13    Lads Events & Guest Issues

Refer to “LADs Event and Guest Guidelines” in the LADs Procedure Manual

14    Affiliation & Reciprocity

Refer to “Affiliation & Reciprocity” in the LADs Procedure Manual

15    Non-Discrimination

LADs shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, HIV status, marital relationship status or age (if the person is at least 18 years of age). Nothing contained in these Bylaws or in any Procedure adopted by the Executive Board shall discriminate against any person on any such basis.

16    Adoption, Amendment or Repeal of Procedures

Procedures shall be adopted, amended or repealed by simple majority vote of the Executive Board.

Any member of the Executive Board, leader or member in good standing may suggest new procedures or amendments to the Executive Board.

Procedures may be amended without prior notice to the general membership.

The Procedures Manual must be updated whenever amended and made available for viewing in the Members Only portion of the LADs web-site.

A hard copy of the amended document shall be made and kept on file for record protection.

17    Amendment of Bylaws

These Bylaws may be amended or repealed by approval of the Members, (as set forth in 17.1)

17.1    Amending the Bylaws

A member in good standing may present proposals for amendments to the bylaws to the Executive Board with a petition signed by 15% percent or more of the members in good standing.

The Executive Board, upon request shall make the required number of signatures known to the author of the proposed amendment.

A proposed amendment must include the current wording to be amended or deleted, the proposed new wording of the amendment or addition and the reasons for the requested change.

The Executive Board shall determine by majority vote whether or not the proposed amendment is beneficial and or appropriate to the needs of the membership.

The Leadership inclusive of the Executive Board, and without the 15% membership requirement, may also suggest amendments for consideration.

Once approved by the Executive Board, the proposed amendment will be announced to all Leaders via E-mail and/or the Leadership E-group.

After discussion via the Leadership E-group or at a Leadership Meeting, a vote shall be taken at that meeting and/or via E-mail, Leadership E-group or other acceptable electronic means for those unable to attend.

The beginning of voting shall be announced via E-mail and/or the Leadership E-group at the end of the discussion and will close when the vote of all of the Leaders is received, but not later than the eighth (8th) day after the announcement.

E-mail votes shall be recognized only if originating from the E-mail address on file for that member and accompanied with the membership number. Votes cast by members sharing a common E-mail address will be recognized only if they sign with their individual membership numbers.

It is the member’s responsibility to make sure their current E-mail address is on file with LADs.

Two-thirds of the total votes cast by the members in good standing is necessary to ratify or amend, except in the event of a vote to repeal the Bylaws and dissolve the group.

The amended version of the Bylaws shall be made available for viewing in the Members Only section of the LADs web-site.

A hard copy of the amended Bylaws shall be kept on file for record protection.

A unanimous vote of the members in good standing shall be required to repeal the Bylaws and dissolve the group.

18    Dissolution of LADs

‘Los Angeles Dommes and subs’ also known as ‘LADs’ is a social group which shall remain in existence until it no longer has members or it’s membership votes to repeal it’s Bylaws and disband.

As prescribed in the amendment of Bylaws section the vote to repeal the Bylaws and dissolve the group must be unanimous.

In the event that the membership votes to repeal the Bylaws and disband, all outstanding debts shall be paid and all remaining funds in the Treasury will be donated to a registered charity determined by the Executive Board.

The name and right to use the name: ‘Los Angeles Dommes and subs’ and its acronym, ‘LADs’, shall remain the intellectual property of its founder, Mistress Lisa. This shall remain true until such time as she voluntarily leaves the group and gifts the right to use the name to the remaining members of the group via written agreement.

Any hostile attempt by a faction from within LADs to change the stated purpose of the group shall be deemed a new and separate group. This entity shall not be recognized as, nor part of, ‘LADs’ and as such will not be entitled to the use of the ‘LADs’ name, acronym nor any of it’s properties whether tangible or intellectual. Those members will be considered as having voluntarily renounced their membership in LADs and shall have no claim upon it.

19    Certificate of Adoption by Leaders’ Vote

This is to certify that the above and foregoing Bylaws were amended with the unanimous approval of the Members in good standing, by the below listed Leaders of the above named Organization and recorded in the minutes thereof, this day, 10 November 2010.