LADs Procedures

(LADsProcedures PDF)

1        Asset Protection

1.1       Property of LADs:

All materials, tangible or intellectual, gifted to, bought or developed for the use of LADs shall be deemed the property of LADs unless a specific agreement to the contrary is put in place and documented in writing and signed by the Executive Board or appropriate member thereof.

1.2       Document Protection:

All of the group’s important documents (Bylaws, Procedures, contracts, liability releases, etc.) shall have a hard copy on file to protect against accidental electronic deletion from the web-site or any personal computer being used for record keeping.

1.3       Document Safekeeping:

All hard copies of documents shall be entrusted to the Executive Board, Committee Chairperson or appropriate Officer for safekeeping.

1.4       Mandatory Return of LADs Property:

All members, including leadership or committee positions, are required to return all LADs property to the Executive Board, including the Membership ID card/tag, immediately upon leaving the group for whatever reason, including having their membership revoked.

2        LADs Leaders

Leadership is open to all LADs members in good standing who actively support, participate and contribute to LADs in a substantial way, such as taking on responsibilities for activities and events, and must be appointed and approved by the Executive Committee.

2.1       Earning Leadership:

One can earn leadership status in LADs by serving on a committee, being a treasurer, membership coordinator, historian, educational coordinator (finding guest speakers and activities), planning and coordinating entertaining activities, web-site/e-group management/maintenance, performing secretarial duties, public relations, help put on fund raisers, etc. There is no minimum time requirement for duration of LADs membership in order to be eligible to become a LADs Leader.

2.2       Leadership Positions:

The need for a leadership position is determined and filled by the Executive Board via appointment. Positions may include, but are not limited to; Treasurer, Web-site caretaker, and various committee chairs such as Events, Munch, Outreach/PR, and Membership.

2.3       Appointment to the Executive Board:

Vacancies on the Executive Board shall be filled by appointment via the unanimous decision of the existing members of the Executive Board, per the Bylaws.

2.4       Term of Office:

Leaders will remain in office until such time as their resignation OR they are removed from office. (Refer to “Removal of LADs Leaders”)

2.5       Compensation:

There is no compensation to the leaders, other than repayment of their actual out of pocket expenditures as incurred and pre-approved by the Executive Board.

2.6       Meetings of Leaders:

Regular meetings for the purpose of transacting proper business are held on-line as an ongoing function of the LADs Leadership Group. Special meetings shall be convened as deemed necessary and as prescribed by the Executive Board.

3        Removal of LADs Leaders

3.1       Cause for Removal

Cause for removal shall include, but not be limited to:

1.   Elimination of the function that bestowed Leadership status.

2.   Being remiss in duties that earned them Leadership.

3.   Abuse or misuse of position.

4.   Violation of the rules of membership, including confidentiality.

5.   Steals property from LADs and/or LADs members.

6.   Gives indication of being of unsound mind.

3.2       Procedure for Removal

Any member in good standing can recommend removal of a Leader for cause to the Executive Board.

Consideration of this matter will be done at an Executive Board meeting. All Board Members must be in attendance.

The Leader being charged may or not be in attendance, but must have been given written notice to attend, including notice of the matter to be discussed and voted upon.

At the Board meeting, the member recommending removal will present his/her case.

The Leader being charged must be presented an opportunity to dispute the charges and present his/her defense to the Executive Board.

There will be a vote by the Executive Board members, excluding both parties, and a unanimous vote of the Board will be required for removal.

If the Leader being charged is a member of the Executive Board, the remaining Board Members must approve removal for cause by unanimous vote.

3.3       Resignation Procedure

1.     Notice must be given to the Executive Board in person, via E-mail, Leadership E-group, telephone or other acceptable technological means.

2.     All records in possession must be turned over to the Executive Board at the time of resignation.

4        Membership Voting

4.1       Entitlement

Each Member is entitled to one vote on each matter submitted for a vote of the Members.

4.2       Voting Procedure

The form of voting shall encompass written or electronic voting and shall take place as prescribed by the Executive Board. It is the responsibility of the member to keep their E-mail address and other information up to date with the Membership Chair.

5        Membership Meetings

5.1 Meetings may be held via telephone, e-mail, on-line or other technological means as well as in person. This shall apply to meetings of the Executive Board and Leadership also.

5.2 Location of Meetings

In person meetings shall be held at regular Munch locations, unless otherwise designated.

5.3       Regular Meetings

There are no regular meetings for Members.

5.4       Special Meetings

The Executive Board shall convene special meetings of the Members.

5.5       Notice of Meetings

Notice of a meeting shall be posted on the web-site or e-group no less than 10 days before the date of the meeting.

5.5.1      Contents of Notice

The notice shall state the place, date, and time of meeting.

5.6       Quorum

A quorum at any meeting of Members shall consist of those members who have chosen to attend.

6        General Membership Meeting Conduct

6.1       Chairperson/Secretary

1.     The Chairperson shall be a Leader within the Executive Board

2.     The Recording Secretary of the Organization, shall act as the Secretary of all meetings of Members

6.2       Rules of order

The Robert’s Rules of Order, as may be amended from time to time, shall govern the meetings of Members insofar as such rules are not inconsistent with or in conflict with these Bylaws

7         Executive Board Meeting Conduct

7.1       Policies and Procedures

1.     In accordance with our by-laws, LADs shall conduct ongoing on-line Business Meetings unless need arises to schedule an in person meeting. The location and date of the meeting shall be publicized in a timely manner. Attendance shall be limited to current Executive Board members, with exception occurring solely by the advance and express permission of the Executive Board.

2.     An agenda of items to be considered at the Business Meeting shall be published in advance, insofar as this is reasonably possible.  Items to be considered shall be submitted to the Executive Board in a timely manner, which will then cause the agenda item to be published on the Executive Board E-Group.  Failure to submit an agenda item in a timely manner may cause that item to be delayed for consideration.

3.     Any member of the Executive Board may call a special meeting of the Board.

4.     At least 2/3 of the Board members must be present, (or have submitted their proxy to the other members), in order to constitute a quorum of the Board for the transaction of business.

5.     Robert’s Rules of Order, as may be amended from time to time, shall be in effect at Business Meetings at all times, informally when permissible, formally when necessary.

6.     All motions to be brought before the Business Meeting shall be submitted in writing, with one copy for each member of the Executive Board.

7.     Additions and amendments to this document may be considered at any subsequent Business Meeting when it is deemed necessary and/or desirable.

8        Protection of LADs Records

8.1       Keeping Records

LADs shall keep adequate and correct records of account and minutes of the proceedings of its Members, Board, and Committees of the Board. LADs shall also keep a record of its Members by name, e-mail address, and the Membership number held by each. The minutes shall be kept in written form. Other books and records shall be kept in either written form or in any other form capable of being converted into written form.

8.2       Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting shall be incorporated into LADs, such that all moneys coming in and going out are accounted for monthly. A detailed Treasury report showing LADs assets and liabilities, accurate as of no less then 48hours prior to the start of the current meeting, shall be prepared on a monthly basis and made available by the Treasurer to the LADs Leaders and Executive Board.

9        LADs Committees

Committees formed under the auspices of Los Angeles Dommes and subs (LADs) are accountable to the Executive Board. Events organized by any person acting on behalf of this committee must always be held in the name of LADs and must meet with the approval of the Executive Board. Committee members will be accountable for the actions of the committee and the committee is to be run in accordance with all the standards of LADs, as set out in these Procedures and the LADs Bylaws. Any committee member using an event for their own purposes will be automatically dismissed from the committee and LADs.

10    Lads Event & Guest Guidelines

10.1    Event Etiquette

To ensure that event activities are safe, sane, consensual and enjoyable for everyone, LADs has put together these Rules for ALL event attendees. Please remember that LADs members are entirely responsible and accountable for the behavior of their guests, as well as their own behavior, so make certain that your guests know these rules as well as you do, BEFORE the event.

COMMON SENSE, RESPECT and COURTESY towards others are ALWAYS the order of the day. This includes full and courteous cooperation with Leaders, Officers and any other Event staff as required. Verbal abuse of volunteers will not be tolerated.

10.2    Consensuality

All activities at a LADs function must be consensual between all parties involved. Remember that no means NO and said once is enough!

10.3    Drugs, Alcohol and Intoxication

The use of legal drugs and/or alcohol is permitted only as prescribed by law at LADs functions as long as done so responsibly. Any person intoxicated or under the influence in such manner as to pose a danger to themselves or others in the judgment of any LADs or hosting official shall be required to immediately leave the event.

10.4    Sex

Sex be between consenting adults is permitted or not as per the rules of the hosting entity.

10.5    No Cameras or Recording Devices

No Cameras or Recording Devices of any kind permitted at any time.

10.6    Cell Phone/Pager Restrictions

If you must bring a cell phone or pager to the event, it must be on “silent” or “vibrate” ringing mode and you must keep it in your pocket, holder, or purse at all times.  Due to the proliferation of phones and other small devices that take and send pictures, if you must make or receive a call, please go to the non-event area or outside before taking out your phone or pager.

10.7    Confidentiality at Events

Keep confidential the names, telephone numbers, addresses, activities and occupations of your fellow members. When non-members inquire about LADs or it’s members, please refer them to a Leader.

10.8    No Exchange of Money for Any Professional Services of Any Kind

This includes professional domination, professional submission, massage, or any other form of service, whether they could possibly be considered as ‘pay for play’ or not. Money transfers are only permissible for sale of goods subject to the Event Coordinator’s permission and control. Personal (non-LADs) business requiring exchange of funds or any other form of payment is not permitted at any LADs event or function.

10.9 Guest Guidelines

Lads’ Members can bring up to two guests to LADs events. Those who are in the “application process” may bring one guest, provided pre-arranged approval is obtained from the LADs Leadership.

You are responsible for any guest you bring to any LADs event or LADs sponsored event.

Your guest(s) must arrive with you and may leave before you, but they cannot remain after you leave, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Executive Board to have them remain under the supervision of an Officer, Board Member or Event Official.

10.10 Prepare Your Guests

Your guests must know the nature of the event. Be sure you all bring proof-of-age ID (e.g., driver’s license) for both yourself and your guests and your LADs membership card. Your guests must sign liability release forms at the door.

11    Qualification of Members

It is the desire of LADs to bring as many responsible people into LADs Membership as possible. In doing so, and to maintain standards consistent across the Membership, there are minimum requirements and procedural steps to obtaining LADs Membership.

Obtaining Membership in LADs is unlike other organizations. Those seriously wishing to obtain membership need not travel the path to membership alone; indeed; they shall travel this path with an existing LADs Member.

The applicant and a LADs member will work together, with the LADs member acting as a ‘Mentor’ to the applicant during the application process.

The steps necessary to membership are as follows:

1.     Applicant must attend a Munch.

2.     If they express an interest in Membership, they should indicate such interest to one of the LADs Leaders. If invited by an existing member, said member may sponsor, introduce and recommend the applicant to the Executive Board for consideration.

3.     The LADs Membership Coordinator will provide the applicant with an application form and indicate the date of the next LADs orientation session.

4.     If the applicant chooses to attend the Orientation session, submits a completed “application form” and presents verifiable valid photo ID (not to be copied), then he/she will be assigned a LADs Member as their “Mentor”.

5.     The role of “Mentor” is critical to gaining membership. It will be the responsibility of the “Mentor” to assure that all steps necessary have been completed by the applicant. The “Mentor” will be responsible for guiding and counseling the applicant, and confirming to the Leadership that the applicant has fulfilled all requirements for membership.

6.     The requirements for membership are:

  • A log* showing they have contributed time to the “valid LADs community”.
  • Attended a total of six (6) munches within a twelve (12) month period.
  • Have read, understand and are upholding the tenants of the LADs Bylaws and Procedures.

7.     When all requirements have been met, the completed documentation will be submitted by the LADs Mentor to the Executive Board, along with their written recommendation, for consideration.

8.     The Executive Board will make the decision and a written decision will be returned to the applicant via the Mentor or sponsoring member, if the applicant was introduced to LADs by an existing member.

* This log will contain the following:

  • Date of the volunteer service
  • Total hours spent on this event
  • Name of the event
  • Signature of a supervising individual or LADs Executive Board Member

LADs will furnish a list of acceptable organizations where time can be volunteered. There must be a minimum of fifteen (15) hours of “approved” volunteer work performed within twelve (12) months of the date a LADs Mentor was assigned to the applicant. Volunteer work at an organization not on the “approved” list of organizations must be pre-approved by the Executive Board. There will be no extensions to the twelve (12) month period.

12    Membership Dues

LADs’ membership is free to those who have satisfactorily met the requirements and remain in good standing.

13    Membership Renewals

Issuance of a LADs membership DOES NOT obviate one from continuing their service requirement to the community.

In order for a member to renew his/her membership, the following is required:

1.     Member must have remained in “good standing” for the prior 12 months

2.     Member must have attended at least six (6) of the previous 12 munches (exemptions will be issued by the LADs Executive Board on a case-by-case basis)

3.     Submit a self-documented log showing they have contributed a minimum of fifteen (15) hours volunteer time to the “valid LADs community” over the past 12-months, this may also include time spent acting as ‘Mentor” to new applicants.

Membership renewals will be approved by a consensus of the LADs Executive Board.

14    Affiliation & Reciprocity

LADs, in the belief that education starts at home, encourages people to join their local education and support groups. We hope that someday members through out the community will be able to travel the country and feel welcome at any local club’s meeting or event.

Therefore, we are offering qualified members, of affiliate organizations willing to reciprocate, entry to specified LADs events with the same consideration that LADs members receive. Education and support groups interested in affiliation and reciprocity with us may contact the LADs Executive Board. Below are the guidelines and procedures for becoming an affiliate organization.

14.1    LADs Affiliation & Reciprocity Guidelines:

At its discretion, the LADs Executive Board may enter into affiliation agreements with clubs or organizations in the Leather Community that meet the following criteria:

  1. Are non-professional and neither business promotion nor marketing oriented
  2. Are educational and/or member support focused
  3. Have Bylaws and/or Procedures that are not in conflict with those of LADs
  4. Have regularly meetings by technological or in person means
  5. Issue membership cards, which include the organization’s name and logo, member identification via name or number, expiration date and means to verify status
  6. Have established rules regarding proper conduct and etiquette and require mandatory knowledge, acceptance and adherence of those rules by it’s members
  7. Have met guidelines 1 through 6 for at least 6 months
  8. Extend reciprocity ‘in kind’ to LADs (see below)
  9. Require it’s qualifying members to review the LADs Event and Guest Guidelines prior to attending a LADs event. A copy will be made available to the Affiliate organization for distribution to it membership
  10. Agree that reciprocity continues in perpetuity as long as the above criteria are met unless revoked by either organization, in which case a letter noting such decision will be sent to the affiliate group’s contact person.

By “… reciprocity ‘in kind’…” we mean that LADs and it’s Affiliates’ will extend to each others qualified members admittance to each organization’s regularly scheduled educational events and parties, without additional and/or onerous reservation procedures. Further, each organization will treat the affiliate’s members as their own in regard to charging the same fees, allowing the same number of guests, etc. at those events.

Reciprocity does not extend to business meetings or board meetings of LADs or any affiliated organization.

Reciprocity does not extend to subgroups (special-interest groups, etc.) of LADs or any affiliated organization except as specifically and separately agreed to.

Reciprocity does not take precedent over any organization’s minimum-age, gender, or orientation requirements.

Reciprocity does not take precedent over any organization’s right to expand or restrict participation with regard to focus group at any specifically advertised event. (IE: restrict to male only, dominant only, spanking only, etc. nor right to allow participation by those not usually included such as women attending an event at AVATAR, a male only organization.)

Qualified members are those who:

1.     Are in good standing with regard to their own organization’s criteria.

2.     Have read and agree to abide by the Host organization’s rules regarding party etiquette, conduct and guest requirements (as appropriate) for that event.

3.     Meet the basic membership criteria of the Host club. (IE: LADs is a Femdom group open to female dominants and, both male and female submissives. LARWW is a female only organization. Therefore ONLY the female members of LADs may attend RAWW’s regularly scheduled events.)

14.2    LADs Affiliation & Reciprocity Procedure:

To request affiliation and/or reciprocity with LADs please fill out the contact form with the following information:

  1. Primary Group Contact Information
  2. Web Site and Snail Mail Addresses
  3. Phone Number
  4. Group Inception Date
  5. Copies of Mission Statement, Bylaws and/or Procedures, Event Guidelines and sample of membership card
  6. Geographic Area Served (if appropriate)
  7. Method of advising requirements for specific events differing from regular ones.
  8. Statements explaining how your group meets the guidelines, (e.g. Educational Lectures on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, Membership Card, etc.)

15    Appendices

15.1    Membership Application

LADs Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Los Angeles Dommes and subs (LADs).

Current requirements include:

1.    Attendance at a minimum of 6 LADs munches during the initial 12 months.

2.    Volunteer participation at approved community events for a minimum of 15 hours within the 12 months mentoring period. A list of events will be provided.

3.    A majority vote of acceptance by the Executive Board upon completion of the first two requirements.

The  ‘Community’ name you would like on your membership card/tag:


E-mail address (required and will also appear on membership card/tag):


We strongly advise you to join our web site and Yahoo e-group to keep informed of our activities. An invitation will be sent to you.

Birth day/month:_____________.  Telephone number:________________


I hereby waive any and all claims for injury or damage to my person, property or reputation which may arise now or in the future from any cause whatsoever against Los Angeles Dommes and subs (LADs), its Leadership, Members, volunteers, venue owners or operators, employees, agents, lessors, lessees, or any subsidiary thereof.

Your signature below signifies that you have read, and agree to abide by the waiver statement, Bylaws and Procedures of LADs.


Applicant’s Community Signature


LADs Membership Representative

Date: ________________________