Membership in LADs

To remain a member in good standing of Los Angeles Dommes and subs, one must continue to support LADs and the greater community, demonstrate good conduct, class and tolerance.  They must represent the LADs Mission with honor, integrity, dignity, compassion and respect.  More information can be found  HERE.


Applying for Membership

In order to apply for LADs Membership (not access to E-group) please download/print both the Application and Waiver.  Complete these  forms and give them to your LADs sponsor for presentation to the Leadership, for consideration.


  1. Have an existing LADs Member as their sponsor
  2. Presented verifiable valid ID
  3. Completed and submitted membership application
  4. Must  have attended a LADs Munch before application can be submitted
  5. The “submitted” application will not be approved by the LADs Leadership until the preceding requirements have been fulfilled AND a total of six (6) Munches (including the one above) have been attended within a twelve (12) month period.
  6. Agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of LADs and our Affiliates.
  7. Before someone can become a LADs member, they must have a self-documented log showing that they have contributed a minimum of 15 hours to LADs and/or the community that LADs supports.  The LADs Leaders can direct you to such opportunities and they are mentioned on the LADs eGroup.  Contributing to “valid LADs community” is defined as –  SCLG, NCSF, LALC, LARAWW, Avatar. or non-profit community events wherein LADs is an active participant and where the LADs “person in question” is a participating volunteer. This log will contain the following:
    *  Date of the volunteer service
    *  Name of the event
    *  Total hours spent on this event

Volunteering at LADs

Let us know you’re interested by completing this form.