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Membership in LADs

  • Membership shall be open to person 18 years of age or older.
  • Membership shall be extended to males, females, singles, couples: straight, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites, transsexuals, and transgendered: female dominants, female or male submissives, and switches (tops and bottoms). Qualified male switches need to be in submissive mode when attending LADs functions.
  • Successful Members must support the objectives and purposes of Los Angeles Dommes and Subs (Group) and fulfill the requisites of the specified membership requirements.
  • Membership in Los Angeles Dommes and Subs shall not be denied on the grounds of race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.
  • To be a member in good standing of  Los Angeles Dommes and Subs, an application must be filled out, you have to attend at least one Event and Orientation of the Group, have demonstrated good conduct,  and be sponsored by a member in good standing.  You must do 15 hours of volunteer time in endorsed community (and/or LADs) events and attend six out of twelve consecutive LADs Munches.
  • In keeping with the high standards of the Group, you will be required to show a legal form of identification, read, accept and legally sign the Membership Application. In so doing, you agree to abide by all the terms and requirements as well as the Play Party Rules of the Los Angeles Dommes and Subs.
  • Memberships will be valid for a period of one-year and will automatically terminate after the last Munch of the year, if not renewed. The membership is renewable on the first Munch of the year and will be good until that time if it is not revoked.
  • Members will receive a personalized permanent name badge membership card. This will entitle you to discounts and participation in affiliate group functions.  Members shall have priority status and be eligible to attend all Group functions that are open to the general membership including seminars, demos, workshops, parties, special meetings and other functions and activities sponsored or hosted by the group.