When Are LADs Munches?

  • Second Sunday of the month
  • 2:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. (approx)

Invitations (with locations) are sent to anyone who requests one, agrees to abide with our rules and identifies with our mission (scroll down to “About LADs Munches“) and who answers the questions on the Munch Application. To see what is scheduled for NEXT MUNCH TOPIC, click here.


We always welcome new people to our group, but to keep to keep the energy positive, we ask new people a few questions in our Application. Please read this entire page and click this button …

Click for the Munch Application

About LADs Munches

Our Munches are more cerebral and focused on issues related to Female empowerment. They provide a safe place for lifestyle Dommes and subs to gather, share knowledge, network and plan munches, parties, etc, in L.A. CA (and surrounding areas). Our mission is to provide an environment where Dommes and their subs meet, network, learn and grow with freedom from prejudice. Where we can create an atmosphere conducive to the promotion of Female Dominance and appreciation of the submissives that adore them. Our standards: safe, sane, consensual, honest and respectful. Minors are prohibited. CONFIDENTIALITY IS REQUIRED LADs Munches are open to all Female Dommes and subs, who are safe, sane and consensual, respectful and honest. We do not include male doms, as there are plenty of wonderful pansexual groups are all inclusive. We are the longest existing club that is exclusive to Female Dommes and the subs (female, transgendered and male) who adore them in Southern California. If you are a male switch in sub mode that is fine and you will be shown the same respect as all our submissives 🙂

General Questions About Munches?

Answers to the frequently asked questions asked by new people click here

caryl’s site also has a good article