Munch FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Munches

What is a “Munch”?

A munch is an opportunity for like-minded people to meet and greet and eat in safe and relaxed venue.

Why have a Munch?

Some people find it less threatening to meet in a public place, in a non-scene format, when encountering others for the first time.

Who attends Munches?

Attendance is by newcomers and “veterans” alike. We all generally eat lunch or dinner, 
so why not share the time with friends and potential friends.

Who “runs” the Munch?

If the munch is sponsored by a specific group, it is generally hosted by one of the members of the group. If it’s just a casual, non-sponsored gathering, there may be no host – just a time and location.

Why attend a Munch?

It is an opportunity to network and expand on your explorations into this particular area of interest. And you know right off the bat that these people share some of your interests (which is not necessarily the case at your local pub).

How many Munches may I attend?

You can go to as many different munches as your calendar allows and you may (usually) attend any given munch as often as you’d like.

Are there differences in Munches?

Some munches are designed specifically for special interests. 
LADs focus is FemDommes and the subs {of any gender} who adore them. 
Some are more generic or pansexual.

Have I committed to anything by attending a Munch?

No. You’ve only committed to paying for your lunch or dinner. You’re not even committed to having lunch or dinner.

Besides meeting other people, what can I get out of a Munch?

You can receive additional information about other groups, clubs, organizations, opportunities to explore, etc.

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