Southern California Tea Society

Southern California Tea Society

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For LADs Tea Party Applicants:
Ladies and gentlemen, if you are planning on applying for a position as a tea server, please read the entire page. We do not want you wasting your time or ours by applying when you are not serious about serving our group. You must show up for an interview and successfully complete the  training to be awarded the opportunity to serve. After you have served you will be awarded a certificate that states that you have successfully trained and served at a Tea Party.

What a Tea Party Server Is: The duties of a tea boy or girl may include activities as diverse as cleaning the hostess’ bathroom before a party to baking brownies to be served at the tea. Servers are there for the pleasure of the Ladies. Their wants and needs are not of importance. Their duty is to serve. The service required is not for them to choose. The whole point is that the Ladies are pleased.

Tea parties are not play parties. It may be that a server will be used to demonstrate a toy or a technique that is being discussed, but the function of the tea servers is to wait on the Ladies as unobtrusively as possible. The servers are NOT there to be noticed. A server who initiates a conversation with a lady, who draws attention to himself, or who fails to perform his service neatly, quietly and skillfully, will not be used again or receive certification. If a server expects to be used sexually, or to be spanked or otherwise played with, then he will not make a good tea server. This is not your purpose. Tea servers are service oriented. A tea server is there to make the afternoon as carefree and pleasant for the Ladies as possible. You need to realize that this is a TEA party. The Ladies will drink tea, eat finger food and discuss things. They are NOT going to play with you. You are ONLY there to serve.

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