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To apply, all you need do is complete the application that follows and click ‘submit.’
Someone from the Southern California Tea Society will likely be in touch with you after your application is reviewed.

If you feel that it is asking too much to expect essays, then don’t bother. If you can’t give us a paragraph (not a sentence) on why you want to be a tea server, and why you would be a good tea server, then you’re likely to be a problem to train, too. The application was designed to make it easy for us to find specific information. If you can’t provide the info on the form, DON’T APPLY. You must answer EVERY question. If you can’t answer, you must state why you can’t answer. This is not brain surgery. You can do it. Please do not whine to us that you cannot cut and paste, you don’t know how, your computer does not allow you to do so, etc. If you cannot manage to answer the questions asked in the format we are using here, please don’t bother us. Think of this as a test of your resourcefulness. If you are looking for a Mistress and want to skip the program, please don’t send us email.

It is possible to find a partner in this group. People have met at tea server training classes, but that is not their purpose. It does sometimes happen, but it happens by OUR rules. We are not going to do email introductions.

In this context, all Ladies are considered to be Ladies who are only interested in Tea. For those who object to our insistence on verifiable references, names and phone numbers, be aware that we host teas at private homes and must be cautious. You may be surprised to discover that many of us are just as afraid of outing as you are. However, many of us have had friends hurt, raped, beaten, etc. by people they didn’t get references from, and later had no way to identify the assailant.

The duties are EXACTLY as set forth here. We are not going to play with you, punish you, or have sex with you. Your fetishes are not of interest, nor do we want to hear how often you have wanked to our site.  Please don’t send any of us pictures of yourself, especially nude photos or photos of your manhood.  WE DON’T CARE. If you send photos like that, you will be turned down and BANNED.   This Society is for the benefit of the Ladies.  We hope you have a good time, but we are not going to change our procedures to enable you to do so.

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