Tea Party Server Application

Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't want to fill this out, then don't. Incomplete submissions are deleted. If you can't or won't give us the necessary information, then we don't want you. Please understand that our Tea Parties are in private homes and therefore the hostess is entitled to know who she is inviting.

Please note, you must provide us with at least your real first name. For the safety of the Ladies in the Society, you may also be required to furnish identification that can be verified at some future date.

Please answer ALL of the questions. If you have no references, write “none”. If you have no phone, write “none”. The answer to the essay questions is NOT “I want to be submissive to women.” Take some time to THINK about WHY you want to participate. We are not going to process your application unless you write more than a sentence in answer to the essay questions. The answer to why we should choose you is NOT “I’ll be the best tea server ever trained”; we expect you to strive for that. Tell us about your skills, motivations, and talents that would make it advantageous for us to choose you.

Ladies who would like to be invited Guests please fill out this form, as well, and note that you are interested to be a Guest.

Thank you for Your Interest,

LADs Administration