Tea Party Interactions


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Since the Southern California Tea Society is not a dating service or an opportunity to troll, your marital status irrelevant.  However, you must not make commitments that you are unable to keep.  Teas and Training Classes are often on weekends.  If you have constraints on your availability, please state this in your application.







If you are owned, your Mistress MUST give written or oral permission for you to take the training and serve at the teas.


At a Tea the server may speak only to the Host Mistress, unless answering a question, or if necessary to satisfy the wishes of a Lady he is serving.  Each server must let the Host Mistress know of any service limits, time constraints, etc. at the time that they are accepted for service.  The Host Mistress will look out for the well being of the servers.  A server with too many limits and constraints with regards to serving will not be accepted.


The Ladies are not to take liberties or assume that they can do anything they wish with the servers, unless it is cleared with the Host Mistress, as she would know their limits and constraints.  This is a Tea and not a play party.  Should a Lady or a server have an issue with being served or serving a particular person, they need to speak with the Host Mistress about this, before an awkward situation arises.


Although the purpose of the Teas is not to cruise or search for someone to have a relationship with, excellent service is always noticed by most Ladies and some may express an interest in a server in the days after the Tea, but that sort of initiative is for the Lady to pursue and not the server.  A server may let the Host Mistress know if one of her guests makes their heart skip a beat, but that is as far as they can take it.  No server is under any obligation to do anything other than what they were trained to do or what is stated in the pages of the Southern California Tea Society.

To be accepted as a server, one must also pass a face to face interview with at least one or two of the Southern California Tea Society Ladies. The Ladies will decide whether they feel that you are a suitable candidate.  The best way to be chosen is to be known to the Ladies of LADs, so it is strongly advised to participate in Munches and events that the Ladies go to.   Keep in mind that most (not all) of our Teas are at private homes and people are not usually interested in total strangers to their homes.