Tea Party Requirements

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The Tea server performs the duties required to prepare the host home for the Tea.  This may involve cleaning, preparation of the finger foods and/or tea.  They will serve of the food and tea, and carefully clean up when the Tea is over.  They will be prepared to make their way home after these duties are performed and will at no time be a undue burden to the Host Mistress.

A server must be a legal adult in good physical health, trust worthy, neat, clean, respectful, humble, have a good level of domestic skills and be able to think on their feet.

Serving Attire:

A clean and well groomed birthday suit with a black bow tie, is preferred.  We  have made accommodations by accepting a maids uniform for those that are not comfortable nude on occasion.  You will not be happy in a tuxedo in most cases, as you will get too warm.  If some of the Ladies would prefer, a speedo can be worn.  However, the final decision about attire will be that of the Host Mistress.

It is necessary for servers to go through Southern California Tea Society training to be considered to serve at a tea.  The training is intensive and takes 6 to 8 hours. If you won’t be able to do this, please don’t apply. We feel that training is necessary, and that it also gives the servers a good idea of what will be expected of them at the Tea.  Tea servers are permitted to donate $20.00 each for the day of training**.  This is to cover the cost of the training materials. Food is sometimes provided by the Host Mistress and/or other Ladies who wish to bring treats.  Other than that, servers are expected to provide their own bow ties.

Tea servers may bring something appropriate to serve that they prepared, flowers, or a small gift to the host Mistress, but that is not required.

** If you miss the class, and do not contact us at least 48 hours prior, your $20 will not be refunded.

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